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Restoration of Biblical Christianity

Rediscovering & Restoring His Pattern

Restoration of Biblical Christianity Series prepared for GCF & Rock Campus Fellowship.

Escapist Piety vs. Incarnational Dominion | Emphasis 5Oe

Greg Weis | March 12, 2017

A study of Humanistic Christianity: Escapist Piety vs. Incarnational Dominion

Becoming a Disciple of the Kingdom | The Three-fold Means of Grace

John Weis | February 23, 2017

God has given three inter-related tools as the means by which disciples of His Kingdom are to be formed: the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the catholic community of His Body, the Church, and the infallible rule of faith in all matters of life, the Scriptures. (Guest talk at the ARC Ohio Conference in October 2016)

Humanistic Christianity, World Views & Epistemology | Emphasis 5Oa

Greg Weis | January 19, 2017

Humanistic Christianity Defined and an Introduction to World Views and Epistemology

Rediscovering & Restoring His Pattern | Introduction

Greg Weis | August 16, 2016

An introduction to restoring a Biblical perspective.