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Missed a meeting? Listen to messages here:

Baptized in the Holy Spirit Series

2017 Edition
2017 Series on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Church History

CH 201 & 202
"I Will Build My Church" / A Survey of 2000+ Years of Church History

Eight Essential Elements

Review Series
Series of review messages for the Eight Essential Elements of the Biblical Christian Gospel.

Making Disciples

Summer 2015
A podcast of mid-week messages from Summer 2015.

Men's Advance

Every Man Mature in Chirst
Recorded teachings from a monthly men's meeting for the purpose of equipping men to fulfil their callings in Christ.

Messages on Baptism

Building on Christ Our Rock
Teachings on water baptism and baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Midweek Teaching

Building on Christ Our Rock
A podcast of the teaching from midweek service, including special services such as Good Friday or Christmas Eve.

Overview of the Bible

GCF Class 2017-2018
Provides a brief overview of the Bible so that one will be able to present an overall picture of what the Bible is, does, and says.

RCF Bible Studies

Building on Christ Our Rock
Bible studies from Rock Campus Fellowship at Wright State University

Restoration of Biblical Christianity

Rediscovering & Restoring His Pattern
Restoration of Biblical Christianity Series prepared for GCF & Rock Campus Fellowship.

Sermon of the Week

Building on Christ Our Rock
A podcast of the sermon from each week's service.

Sunday Bible Study

Building on Christ Our Rock
A podcast of the 9:30 Sunday Bible study preceding each week's service.

Wednesday's Word

Scripture Reading and Commentary
This is where we post the the Scripture reading and teachings from Wednesday's Word and Worship.